Green Key awarded Port Side Resort Hotel strongly committed to the environment

Port Side Resort Hotel, located in the beautiful area of Antalya (Turkey), is a 5-star hotel which offers a variety of amenities to their guests as well as spacious and beautifully decorated rooms with great views. As a Green Key awarded hotel, it is strongly committed with the environment. 

The name of the hotel, Port Side Resort, comes from the old port, called Evrenseki. The region is well-known for its rich vegetation and bio-variety. Olive, pomegranate and laurel trees are planted there. In the hotel garden there is an olive tree more than 250 years old and a pomegranate tree that is 50 years old. In the sea, you can find the special Caretta Caretta turtle. 

Because the sand lilies (Pancratium maritium, Sea Daffodil, Sea Lily) are threatened by the extinction, the hotel grow them in their own greenhouse and plant them on the beach. Therefore, the hotel supports the replication and the protection of these lilies. 

In order to protect the environment, the hotel has also taken a lot of other actions: 

  • Water saving devices are used in faucets, and there are sensors in general areas
  • The six litre tanks are used in toilets
  • The garden is watered by drip irrigation system
  • Daily change of towels and bed sheets are only made by demand of the guests - in order to reduce the use of water, energy and detergents
  • Energy saving systems are installed in the rooms
  • Energy A class and LED bulbs with sensors are used
  • All windows in the rooms are double grazing
  • Refrigerators,  cold rooms and minibars are placed far from the sun or other heating sources
  • Solar panels are used for heating water
  • The VRV system is used for cooling and heating of the rooms 
  • Electricity and water consumption are regularly followed and reported
  • Regular education programmes are organised for staff discussing environment, action plan, policies and the use of chemicals.
  • The hotel is using electronic communication system in order to minimise the paper consumption
  • All trees and other flora in and around the hotel are carefully protected
  • Guests are encouraged to separate waste in recycle bins located in general areas
  • Batteries, accumulators, oils and all other types of dangerous waste are collected and stored in a special room before being delivered to licenced firms
  • All oil waste from the kitchen are delivered to a licenced firm for recycling