Green Key Branding Guidelines explains the correct use of Green Key logos and standardised material

Green Key has prepared the "Green Key Branding Guidelines" document to follow for all involved in the programme at the international, national and local level

The Branding Guidelines for Green Key has been developed for the programme based on the overall guidelines of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE, the organisation behind Green Key). The overall guidelines were approved at the FEE General Assembly in September 2016.

After describing the importance of a unified brand identity in Green Key, the Branding Guidelines document describes:

  • Colour, appearance and specification of use of the Green Key logo and text below
  • Use of the “Green Key” name
  • Use of standardised Green Key material (plaques, stickers, certificate and flag)

If you are a Green Key awarded establishment or a partner of Green Key at the local, national or international level, and you are unsure whether you are using the correct Green Key logo or material, please contact your Green Key National Operator or Green Key International. The Green Key Branding Guidelines document can also be downloaded here