Tackling water waste whilst delivering a premium guest experience

Establishing responsible water usage can improve guests' shower experience

An increasing amount of travellers are opting for sustainable hotel and travel experiences and it's no surprise that hotel providers are looking at different ways to achieve a ‘greener’ rating. With a typical 300-room hotel using over 1 million litres of water per month, focusing on water waste is key in neutralising water and energy consumption.

Installing water saving shower heads is one solution but this usually also compromises the shower experience. Our vision at Orbital Systems is to totally transform how hotel water is consumed, whilst providing a premium shower experience. The average conventional shower uses 100 litres of water per session, that's 10x more water than we actually need. With Orbital System’s shower this reduces to 5-10 litres.

Our closed-loop technology continuously recirculates and purifies water reducing the risk of bacteria such as legionella. It also comfort-corrects the few litres of water you start with, whilst maintaining constant pressure, flow and temperature. Which means your guests can actually shower for as long as they want, without any of the guilt. And with our real-time, tracking app you will have complete visibility into water usage and savings, a great promotional tool that you can use to highlight your responsible water practices.

Find out just exactly how much water and energy you can save in your facility using our savings calculator or by getting in touch with the Orbital Systems team today: contact@orbital-systems.com.