Stanhope Hotel in Belgium organises sustainable breakfast buffet

After completing the renovation of the breakfast area at the Brighton Restaurant, the Stanhope Hotel decided to change the complete layout of the breakfast buffet.

The hotel removed the small individual portions and presented the breakfast buffet with large glass jars to limit the packaging and waste. Their guests serve themselves out of large jars of jams or cereals. As hygiene is of the utmost importance, all these new jars and pot have covers and adapted utensils are available for the guests to serve themselves without touching the food. These are also refrigerated whenever appropriate and protected by sneeze guards.

In addition, the hotel limited the food available, preferring to reassert the buffet little by little instead of spoiling products such as sausage, smoked salmon or cheese that cannot be reused if they have not been consumed.

This policy of limiting waste while offering a buffet always varied and high quality is also used for the conference buffets and major events. The hotel put forward the limited waste buffets by proposing a wide choice to their customers with particular attention to the quantities presented and by completing following necessity.

Salads and other dishes are now presented in large glass jars, on trays and mirrors, thus limiting the packaging.