From beverage cartons to the real sustainability of EcoNatural

Green Key's partner, Lucart Professional continues to promote sustainable innovation, completing the beverage container recovery cycle introduced with the exclusive EcoNatural line of tissue products, by making it possible to recycle all the materials they contain: cellulose fibres, aluminium and polyethylene.

Lucart uses a physical and mechanical process to separate beverage containers into their constituent elements and obtain two new raw materials, Fiberpack® and Al.Pe.®.

Fiberpack® is the exclusive raw material obtained by recycling the cellulose fibres in beverage containers. It is used by Lucart to produce a comprehensive range of tissue products for the Away From Home market (towels, toilet paper, medical examination bed sheets, tissue paper, paper tissues, kitchen and DIY paper rolls, multi-purpose towels and napkins in various formats), which satisfy the highest strength, absorbency and softness standards set by the market. EcoNatural tissue products had been awarded during Pulire 2017 as most innovative and sustainable product by Ecolabel Award, a further acknowledgment of Lucart Professional sustainability

Al.Pe.® is the innovative raw material made from aluminium and polyethylenerecycled from beverage cartons. Lucart uses this raw material to produce a full range of dispensers for washroom areas, combining the concept of sustainability with market demand for easy handling, fine design and reliability.

EcoNatural has therefore become the new PAPER+DISPENSER line that introduces a circular economy model, with the transformation of used beverage cartons into two new raw materials.

These two innovative raw materials are used to make two product ranges that form part of the same system, transferring the sustainability championed by the Lucart Professional brand to the everyday business activities of customers in the Away From Home market.

EcoNatural is innovative and sustainable, so choosing it represents a way for customers to show end users how committed they are to the environment.

Lucart Professional intends to certify and promote this choice:

  • through a certificate of environmental saving, stating the beverage containers recycled, trees saved and CO2 emissions reduced with your and your customers’ help
  • through a dispenser with printed information to tell end users about your commitment to the environment.

Lucart Professional once again confirms its position as the brand that delivers real sustainability for its customers’ businesses through intelligent solutions that redefine the standards of innovation.