The Sinatur Hotel Storebælt marches ahead with its sustainability agenda

The Green Key awarded hotel in Denmark is the runner-up in the Green Key Best Practice Competition 2018 for its excellent engagement of guests in its environmental work.


Situating on the island of Fyn in Denmark, right next to the ocean in a beautiful natural area, the Sinatur Hotel Storebælt offers its guests a unique experience: guests are offered to lend bikes as well as umbrellas and rubber boots to be able to enjoy their surroundings in all kinds of weather.

The Sinatur Hotel Storebælt has been nominated for the runner-up award in the Green Key Best Practice Competition 2018 for its great impact in informing and involving guests in sustainability.


After the hotel was renovated in 2013, it decided to integrate new principles into the work not only with the purpose of successful sustainable practice, but also to raise awareness among guests on the environmental issues and the responsible initiatives taken by the hotel.

These actions are diverse. The Sinatur Hotel Storebælt offers locally produced food that is 30-60% organic. In their buffet, vegetables are served beforehand in order to reduce the meat consumption. The hotel has LED lamps throughout the building, and Sinatur Hotel Storebælt has solar panels to support the energy production.

The hotel also spreads the message of sustainable principles all over the hotel: from the kitchen facilities to the information stands and display boards. For instance, there are kindly reminders in a kitchen to reuse cups, small messages on napkins and paper cups, such as: “Think natural”, “Mother nature loves me” etc. At the information stands and display boards guests can learn more about the environmentally friendly efforts of the Sinatur Hotel Storebælt, the focus on organic food, information about their eco-label awards and collaboration with the Green Key programme.

The hotel is very proud of its sustainability efforts and the Green Key award, and the hotel stand out with its unique combination of nature and gastronomy. With their communication, the Sinatur Hotel Storebælt supports an aware and positive stay for their guests.

For more information, see the video from the Sinatur Hotel Storebælt.