Let’s celebrate World Food Day together!

Every year on 16 October, thousands of organisations worldwide celebrate World Food Day. This is undoubtedly an occasion worth commemorating for Green Key promoting healthy and sustainable food practices.

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World Food Day is connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 (zero hunger) with the mission: “Our actions are our future. A zero hunger world by 2030 is possible” and Sustainable Development Goal 13 (climate action) that include the promotion of sustainable food/beverage practices.

Green Key is committed to tackling these challenges. In order to be granted a Green Key award, establishments must purchase and register an increasing number of food products that are organic, eco-labelled, fair-trade labelled and/or locally produced.

In order to lower the environmental footprint, it is also recommended for the Green Key establishments to buy seasonal, less meat products and no products from endangered species. Green Key encourages establishments to include a vegetarian or vegan alternative menu and to offer tap water to guests (where possible) instead of bottled water.

At Green Key, we join the celebration of World Food Day to encourage more people to realize the benefits of sustainable food. Lowering the environmental footprint brings us to healthier and wealthier lives and supports the eradication of hunger.