Green Key's 2018 achievements featured in FEE's Annual Report

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) has recently published their most recent Annual Report for 2018. As always, the developments, achievements and impacts on both national and international level of all FEE programmes, including Green Key, are displayed in this document.

Click on the picture to access the full annual report

Click on the picture to access the full annual report

In particular, in 2018, Green Key has entered key collaboration agreements with the hotel chains NH Hotel Group (globally) and Grupo Posadas (Mexico). In addition, Green Key has started to cooperate with the leisure tourism operator, Apollo/DER Touristik Nordic.

Besides, the report shows the many Green Key establishments awarded with prestigious sustainability awards around the world. NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst, in the Netherlands, won the Green Hotelier Award in the category of carbon; Castelli Hotel, in Greece, was the winner of the TUI Sustainability Award; finally, Cozinha por Antonia Loreiro, a restaurant in Portugal, winner of the Green Key’s practice competition 2018, received the esteemed Michelin award.

In 2018 Green Key also saw a large number of countries joining its network. Green Key was launched in Northern Ireland and India, and the first establishments in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Macau (China) and Ethiopia received the Green Key award.


Likewise, all four FEE’s programmes, namely Blue Flag, YRE, Leaf and Eco-Schools were also presented throughout the Annual Report. Check it out!