Two thermal spa hotels in Slovenia receive Green Key

Two hotels at Terme Dobrna, the oldest working Slovenian thermal spa, receive the Green Key as the first in the country for its environmental efforts

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The story of Terme Dobrna starts deep down underground and springs up in the form of the purest water whose healing properties and beneficial effects were admired already by the ancients Celts and Romans. Since the 15th century, Terme Dobrna has attracted guests from around the world because of the area’s soft climate, stunning natural environment and the possibilities for relaxation and care.

Today, Terme Dobrna is a modern and dynamic health resort and tourist centre surrounded by a historical park. The health resort combines gifts of nature with contemporary medicine, which places it at the very top of Slovenian tourism. Terme Dobrna has three natural healing factors approved by the Slovenian Ministry of Health: thermal water, mud (fango) and turf. 

As the first hotels in Slovenia to receive Green Key, Hotel Vita and Hotel Park at Terme Dobrna have been awarded with the prestigious Green Key award.

Mr. Leon Tomašić, Terme Dobrna's Director said: »We are aware that sustainable management of the company is mandatory, since only in this way can we contribute to the preservation of nature, and all limited resources of our planet. We started the approach of sustainable management in 2011, when we adopted the first environmental policy, and we are upgrading and carefully implementing it on a yearly bases. We are aware that our operation leaves some kind of footprint behind us, so we try to reduce it to a minimum level. With globalization and over-consumption, which is happening in the current world, companies must look to sustainable management, as this is the only way that we can leave our planet to descendants.«

Vita means life

Hotel Vita is situated at the entrance of the Spa Complex. During your stay, you will be inspired by the wonderful nature, an energy boasting spa park, many walking and cycling trails and the beauties of the area and its surroundings. Hotel Vita is the newest of all Terme Dobrna hotels, and it offers everything under one roof, including restaurant, seminar rooms, massage and beauty centre, sauna and thermal water swimming pools.

Park – nature and energy

Hotel Park is great for everyone who wants to spend free time in a green and clean environment surrounded by an exceptional spa park and forests. Hotel Park even welcomes your pets in a limited number of rooms. Hotel Park is also surrounded by many walking and hiking trails as well as nearby museums and farms to visit.

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