Green Key featured on the Wayaj eco-tourism website

Wayaj is a US based company promoting earth friendly travel, and Green Key has been interviewed for their website.


As part of Wayaj’s promotion of sustainable tourism, Wayaj has prepared a news feature about Green Key being one of the few international and holistic labels in the hospitality industry.

Wayaj conducted an interview with the Green Key International Director, Finn Bolding Thomsen outlining his view on the trends and challenges regarding sustainable travel in the hotel industry. He also speaks about how Green Key is working with sustainability in the programme, e.g. in relation to awareness raising about sustainability, the support to interested establishments and the cooperation with various partners of the programme.  

You can read the full interview here:

Wayaj promotes sustainable travel both through their website and social media and by booking environmentally friendly accommodations through their app. The listing of sustainable hotels and resorts through Wayaj is free of charge.