Comwell hotels in Denmark gain The Organic Cuisine Label

The Green Key awarded Comwell hotels are moving in the direction of more sustainable operation. Running a hotel is resource demanding and puts strain on the environment and Comwell decided to address the issue by changing their way of operation. Today, all the hotels have gained The Organic Cuisine Label in bronze in addition to their Green Key certification.

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The Organic Cuisine Label in bronze indicates that 30-60 % of the food served is organic, which means that the Danish hotel chain with its 15 establishments now serve around 600 000 guests with organic food. The change towards using more sustainable produce has taken under a year and during this time, the Comwell hotels went from serving 5 % organic to an average of 50 % organic produce in their establishments. In addition, over 200 staff members have received training in sustainability.

According to Peter Schelde, CEO of the Comwell hotels, the change is rooted in a vision to contribute to a greener future. Comwell wants to be a forerunner when it comes to sustainable practices and according to Schelde, an organization the size of Comwell can have a real difference on people’s lives and on the environment. The responsible and sustainable use of resources is not only restricted to the restaurants; it is also an essential part of the whole business operation at Comwell and its hotels. “The focus on sustainability is there to increase the overall experience of both guests, staff and cooperation partners”, Schelde says. 


Source: Comwell press release

Food wasting strategy at Hilton Copenhagen Airport

At Hilton Copenhagen Airport they wanted to put the focus on food waste, as they found too much food was being wasted.

First of all they decided to measure the food being wasted during one week. The team measured the food waste in the team member restaurant for 1 normal week. The next week they arranged a “Food Reduction Week” in which special attention was given to food waste. They increased the awareness about food waste by arranging a separate large garbage bin just for food, making signs for awareness and focusing on how much food is being prepared. Just by doing these simple things, they managed to reduce the food waste by almost 60kg per week! This small effort has encouraged the whole team to keep up the good work.