Self-assessment form for hotels

Fill in the form to get an idea about how ready your hotel is to apply for the Green Key Award. The Self-assessment form contains all imperative criteria that should be met. There are as well a range of guideline criteria, but during first year of application your establishment will not need to meet any guideline criteria. In countries with national operators, please be aware that national Green Key criteria can be stricter, so please contact the national operator of your country for more information.

If you are representing other categories than hotel (campsite, attraction, small accommodation, conference centre or restaurant) and you wish to conduct a self-assessment form, please contact us at Green Key International.

By entering name of hotel as well as your name and email you provide us with the opportunity to help you out with your application.

Tip! In most browsers you can also navigate the form with tab and space key.
Note: Once you submit the form, you'll see information on how ready you are to apply for the Green Key award. If you like to skip this step and apply to us directly, please visit the Green Key online application.