Web partners

Green Key cooperates with several renowned online booking companies.  Customers will be able to find information about Green Key at the booking website and can select a Green Key awarded accommodation if they are looking for environmentally friendly establishments. Green Key therefore regularly provides the online booking companies with an extract of the international Green Key database of awarded hotels.

BookDifferent.com is an online booking website which uses hotel data from Booking.com. People using this online booking website will be able to select
                                  environmentally friendly accommodation from highly ranked certification
                                  systems and eco-labels, like Green Key, giving them an easy way to travel
                                  more sustainably.  The entity behind the online booking website is the
                                  non-profit Foundation BookDifferent. The organisation donates 50% of its
                                  proceeds to different charities (including FEE).

BookGreener's mission is to "offer enlightening travel experiences by promoting sustainable hotels, places that are part of the solution, not part of                                     the problem and that care about local communities and culture as well as                                             wildlife conservation and the environment". In addition to its emphasis on                                           hotels that practise sustainability, every time a traveler books via                                                             BookGreener, a tree will be planted in one of the world’s endangered                                                     ecosystems.


eventplanner.beeventplanner.nl and eventplanner.tv are the largest communities for event planners in Belgium, The Netherlands and the world. The websites inspire organizers to take their events to the next level, including making them more sustainable. Event managers using eventplanner’s venue search engine can easily check if a venue is Green Key awarded.

Ecobnb is the community of sustainable tourism, a journey undertaken to change the way we travel and promote a kind of tourism that respects nature, the economy and the local communities. Using this online booking website people select environmentally friendly accommodations, also with highly ranked eco-labels, like Green Key, and book bio hotels, tree houses, bed & breakfast,  organic farmhouses, glamping or green apartments. The website shows to travellers all the eco-friendly actions of each accommodation and the CO2 saved during the stay, giving them an easy way to travel more sustainably and the possibility of let reviews about sustainability experienced. Ecobnb is a small social enterprise with 0% CO2 emissions and 100% Clean Energy.

As part of the cooperation agreement between Green Key and Expedia, Inc., Green Key will regularly send the list of Green Key awarded properties to Expedia, Inc. When searching for accommodation via the websites of Expedia, Inc. (Expedia.com, Hotels.com, etc.), everyone will now have the                                                                 possibility to look for Green Key awarded establishments. 

Glooby is a Sweden-based travel metasearch engine that enables users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets and hotels, while indicating the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labelled hotels. Glooby consists of people                                                   with a passion to travel and discover new places. We live in a time where the                                       growing awareness of the sustainability challenges facing our planet is                                                   increasing. Glooby do not think people should stop traveling and discovering                                       the world, but believe that we should reduce our carbon footprint when                                               traveling. When choosing the most fuel-efficient flight and eco-labelled                                                 hotels, you are supporting companies that are actively working to reduce                                             their environmental impact on our environment without compromising your                                       travel experience.

TiCATi offers an advanced interactive map for travellers who are concerned about environment or their health to easily compare and book green hotels and resorts that suit their preferences. TiCATi also serves as an online eco-friendly platform for restaurants and shops to provide information about                                             their actions in environmental protection and social Development.

HRS (Hotel Reservation Service) is a large online booking company for private and corporate customers with a head office in Germany. HRS – with more than 250,000 hotels in 190 countries – offers its more than 40,000                                                                     corporate customers worldwide a variety of tools and services free of                                                     charge.

Relais & Châteaux is an international association and travel agency with currently 546 members based in 62 different countries. Established in 1954, it brings together landmark hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world with the aim of preserving local culinary traditions and the art of hospitality deeply rooted in every Relais & Châteaux property. The conservation of natural resources and the promotion of best practices in sustainable development are the main goals of Relais & Châteaux today. In 2014 this commitment has been confirmed by the creation of the Charter supported by UNESCO. This document is the proof of the responsibility of Relais & Châteaux towards the cultural and natural heritage of our planet.

SustainableVisit is a trusted online platform that enables people to make sustainable travel and lifestyle decisions worldwide. Our call to action is to                                         enable users to suggest, review, and enjoy recommendations for sustainable                                       restaurants, accommodation, tours, attractions, shops and more.                                                               SustainableVisit sources from research and the crowd, based on quadruple                                         bottom line principles: society, environment, economy, and future                                                             generations. SustainableVisit’s mission is to save the planet, one trip at a                                               time.


At TravGanic it is believed that travel can be a bridge to mend our world, showing people the joy of other places, people and cultures. It is often more destructive than it should, which is why TravGanic has put together one of the largest hotel booking platforms based solely on reputable green certified hotels. Their tours page while still in the growth phase will furthermore offer the largest selection of eco-tours in the world. TravGanic's customer driven site gives people the ability to book hotels and tours in almost every country around the world. They offer great prices, great selection and great information on the sustainability initiatives of every property.