Green Key Denmark starts 2019 with seven new establishments

At the Green Key Danish Jury meeting in December 2018, seven establishments have been awarded with the Green Key for its environmental efforts


Two of the new Green Key establishments belong to Arp Hansen Group’s budget hotels: Wakeup Aarhus and the chain’s brand new Wakeup Bernstorffsgade located by the Central Station in Copenhagen. They join the other two labeled hotels Wakeup Borgergade and Wakeup Carsten Niebuhrs Gade. The Wakeup concept is environmentally improved with LED lighting everywhere, improved waste separation, reduction of plastic tableware and – products and an increased purchase of eco-friendly products.  Read more about their environmental efforts here.  

 Kompas Aalborg Hotel joins a number of green hotels in the city of Aalborg. The former sailors’ home has just been restored with a range of environmental upgrades as well as a new reception area and an expansion of the number of rooms to 111. 

In the center of Copenhagen you will find a smaller, family owned hotel Hotel Christian IV which has also been Green Key awarded . The 42-room hotel has a motivated management having launched a procedure where the environment is incorporated in all processes.

There are also two additional conference centres with the Green Key: Roskilde Kongrescenter – is a modern venue with room for all kinds of events e.g. workshops, conferences and fairs to shows and parties. The conference centre in Roskilde has initiated a lot of of environmental initiatives which became very clear in their application for Green Key where they documented their many plans for the future.

Another conference and music venue Hotel Cecil, has been rebuilt and renovated with a focus on water and energy saving. The establishment has also reused the previous interior and extended the use of LED concert lightning.

The cosy Dronning Louises Tehus located north of Copenhagen is likewise Green Key awarded. The tea house is situated at the edge of Bernstoffsparken in the middle of a fragrant rose garden. Even though the old tea house is preserved, the building has been environmentally improved in cooperation with the local authorities and the agency for culture and palaces.

Wales gets the world’s first Green Key awarded brewery visitor centre

The Green Key programme achieves a world first as the Bluestone Brewing Company Visitor Centre gains accreditation

Beers image 1.PNG

The Bluestone Brewing Company have been recognised for their sustainability efforts, and their visitor centre has become the first in the world to achieve the Green Key award in the attractions category. They are a micro-brewery based at Tyriet Farm, just outside of Newport in Pembrokeshire in Wales. The brewery and visitor centre were built in renovated farm buildings that are over 300 years old. They are a family run business and pride themselves on being eco-friendly.

Bluestone Brewing company said:

Being green has always been a huge part of Bluestone Brewing Company, so the Green Key accreditation seemed like the perfect thing for us to apply for. To be recognised as the first Green Key Brewery Visitor Centre in the world is just amazing. Hopefully, people will see what we are doing and be inspired to try to make their own businesses as green as possible. Going through the Green Key process has helped to highlight areas where we could improve, but it has also made us feel very proud of what we have already achieved to date.

Event Shot Image 5.jpg

 Lesley Jones, Chief Executive for Keep Wales Tidy (the organisation managing Green Key in Wales) said:

We’d like to congratulate the Bluestone Brewing Company on their success in becoming the world’s first brewery visitor centre to achieve Green Key accreditation. We’ve seen mounting concern about the damage that’s being caused to our natural environment, so it’s important to recognise and celebrate Welsh businesses that are taking the lead globally on sustainability.

The brewery is unique in the sense that its uses its own water supply, where the water filters down through the surrounding Preseli Mountains and collects in a home built well. The environment agency regularly test the water and it has been found to be perfect for use without any filtration or purification. All waste water production from the brewery is gravity piped to a reed bed filtration system before it is returned to a local trout stream. The brewery also has solar panels fitted on top of the brewery building, allowing them to use a sustainable source of energy for the visitor centre and shop. In 2017, they also constructed a grass roof for the stage area, where they have planted shrubs and designed their own self-watering system.

The brewery has recently converted an old and tumbling down traditional stone building into a building suitable for a bottling plant. The bottling plant will cut transport costs and a round trip of some 345 miles per bottling run, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. the office they only used recycled paper in the printers and all light bulbs are energy saving.  Any waste cardboard is given to the local gardening club to use in the garden. The aim of the establishment is to have zero waste going to landfill by the end of 2019.

For more details on the Bluestone Brewing Company’s work on sustainability visit their website

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Kamp Menina - the first Green Key campsite in Slovenia

Green Key awarded Kamp Menina in Slovenia is a family oriented campsite that is located in beautiful natural surroundings and offer a range of activities


Kamp Menina is placed in the perfect location for a campsite. Away from traffic and busy roads, just by the pure Alpine river Savinja, with lots of forest around the site and it’s own swim lake. So swimming, water sports and fishing are available just by the campsite.

Since 2000, the owners Jurij Kolenc and Katja Cafuta have successfully revived Kamp Menina and tourism in the Upper Savinja Valley. Their personal touch satisfying their guests and keeping the campsite in a high standard give their guests an unforgettable vacation experience in the charms and beauties of the Savinja valley. The campsite is family oriented with loads of activities including an adrenaline park with zip line, a nearby sport park with all kinds of sport fields, and around the lake they offer all kind of water actitivies.

Jurij Kolenc, the camp owner, said: “We are very proud to be awarded with the Green key eco-label. We had to change many things, but we are aware that we will have to do even more to meet the expectations of our respectful guests. We want to preserve nature for future generations, and we believe that it is the last chance to actively raise awareness about the sustainable use of natural resources.”

Welcome to this Green Key small paradise and make your holidays as active as possible!


First Green Key awarded hotel in Ethiopia

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa is the first Green Key awarded establishment in Ethiopia, raising the number of participating countries to 58!

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Radisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa is centrally located within Ethiopia’s capital city—adjacent to the United Nations Compound and 6 kilometers from Bole International Airport. The hotel is also a short distance from the city’s main points of interest, such as the Imperial Palace, Meskel Square and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The hotel has many great social and environmental initiatives such as donating unused linen and clothes to an orphanage, supporting a retirement home and engaging guests in tree planting activities. Furthermore, over 95% of the food and beverages in the hotel are locally sourced.

Learn more about the hotel here

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Copyright Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo having a high focus on communication and engagement of guests in its sustainability work

The Green Key awarded attraction in Wales has been upgrading its work with resource saving and has created an energy centre in its Jolly Barn attraction which looks into its biomass plant and informs guests about its sustainability initiatives and performance.


Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo, located in the Pembrokeshire region of Wales, was named the 10th best zoo in the world by TripAdvisor in the 2017 Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Folly Farm is not only focusing on being a fun location to spend your day. The attraction has been awarded with the Green Key since 2016 as recognition of its outstanding performance in the saving of energy and water resources, high level of waste separation and its excellent environmental information.

Folly Farm is actively informing guests about its environmental performance through large signs in the energy centre, and encourages guests to participate in waste separation through fun-looking bin stations.  

“We’re delighted to have been recongnised by Green Key since 2016 for our commitment to sustainability. Our ‘Working for the Future’ group has worked hard to introduce a number of waste reduction and energy saving initiatives and this award recognises their hard work and the company’s commitment to green, sustainable energy.”

Folly Farm


For more information about Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo, please visit their website.

Interest for Green Key in Armenia

During a series of workshops held in Yerevan (Armenia) on 3-6 December 2018, participants from national authorities and a range of local B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast sites) expressed interest for Green Key 


The Green Key workshops in Armenia were organised by the consultancy company, Soluton, in cooperation with the SME DNC (Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia) under the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, and the workshops are kindly supported financially by GIZ, the German Corporation for International Cooperation “Private Sector Development and Technical Vocational Education and Training South Caucasus” Project. The Green Key International Director attended the workshops as well.

In the capital, Yerevan, most accommodations available are hotels, but accommodation in the countryside of Armenia is mainly covered by small B&Bs. Green Key in Armenia should therefore be focusing on attracting hotels as well as small accommodations to the programme.

Ahead of the workshops, surveys had been conducted among B&Bs in Armenia revealing interest for Green Key. This interest was confirmed during the workshop by the attending representatives from 11 B&Bs as well as by the Armenian B&B Association. The B&B owners stressed the importance to take local uniqueness into consideration.


Another workshop was held among national stakeholders with representatives from the public, private and NGO sector. Here it was stressed that it would be preferable to identify an Armenian NGO to be the national administrator of the Green Key programme in Armenia.

A training workshop was also held for individual trainers to facilitate the introduction of Green Key in Armenia by supporting the B&B owners with training on how to implement environmental standards at the individual businesses. 

Areg Karapetyan, CEO of Solution, says: “I am happy to know the positive outcome of the workshops and Soluton will work on the next steps, including the establishment of an Armenian Green Key office and the introduction of the programme to hotels and B&Bs in Armenia.”


Finn Bolding Thomsen, Green Key International Director, adds: “It is a pleasure to be invited to Armenia to experience first-hand the welcome of Green Key as a possible suitable initiative for Armenia and the wider region. I will be looking forward to continue the cooperation.”

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil creates art with plastic straws

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Kyiv-Podil, Ukraine has found a creative way for reusing their unused plastic straws by creating a work of art.

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

When implementing Radisson Hotel Group’s campaign #RefusetheStraw the hotel wondered what they could do with the unused plastic straws that they had left in stock.

Instead of throwing them in the recycling bin, they found a local artist who created a sculpture of a seabird out of the straws. The original piece of art is now displayed in the lobby of the hotel to raise awareness on plastic pollution.

Mostly birds and sea animals suffer from plastics - they perceive it as a food, eat it, and die in terrible agony. Moreover, many birds are already on the verge of extinction and are included in the red book. It is a symbol of freedom, hope, new life, which must be protected.

- The Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Copyright: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv-Podil

Miskin Manor – a historical hotel with a green twist

Miskin Manor Country Hotel in Wales has been awarded with the Green Key for its work on introducing high sustainability standards in a historical manor without compromising the exclusive feeling of the establishment.


Miskin Manor Country Hotel has a rich history stretching back to the 10th century. Since 1996, the place has been a carefully restored family-run hotel with attention to details in respect of the heritage of the building, surrounding garden and landscape. Today, Miskin Manor Country Hotel is a four-star hotel with 42 unique bedrooms, an award winning restaurant and 25 acres of beautiful garden surrounding the establishment.

Miskin Manor Country Hotel has recently been awarded with the Green Key as the first hotel in South East Wales due to its work with its sustainability performance. The light bulbs have been changed to LED light, the water flow in taps and showers are reduced, the restaurant has a focus on products that are locally produced and the environmental work is communicated to guests in an environmental corner by the lobby.

As a family we have always worked towards helping our environment for now and the future. It is wonderful that we now have recognition for the effort we are making and we will strive to maintain and improve.  Amongst many things we grow some of our own produce on site, produce water from our own borehole, keep bees and produce honey on site, installed energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel and recycle our waste. It is hoped that other business owners will join us in achieving Green Key throughout Wales.” - Amanda Rosenberg, Managing Director at Miskin Manor.


Nick Ashby, Welsh Green Key coordinator says: “We are proud to have Miskin Manor Country Hotel awarded with Green Key for its balance between history, luxury and sustainability”.

For more information about Miskin Manor Country Hotel, please visit their website.

XL Green Key Cartoon makes visitors curious about sustainability

The interactive science centre Hidrodoe in Herentals, Belgium came up with a creative and fun way to inform their guests about sustainability and Green Key.


At Hidrodoe, visitors can learn everything about water - from Roman baths to water in space -in a fun and interactive way. The science centre is an initiative of the Flemish water company Pidpa to raise awareness about the importance and value of water. The centre has more than 150 interactive exhibits, covering indoor and outdoor activities.

One of their newest additions is an XL Cartoon that shows the centre with all it’s environmental initiatives, for example their bee hotel, the electric bike charging station and the fair trade café. A Green Key logo on each of the illustrations indicates that this is part of their environmental agenda. At the same time, visitors learn about Green Key and it’s requirements. The creators compare the comic with the well-known “Where’s Wally” children illustrations.


Due to its high environmental ambitions and creative ways to engage visitors in environmental issues, Hidrodoe won the Belgian Energy and Environment award for Sustainable Education in 2018. Moreover, Hidrodoe has been Green Key awarded for 7 years in a row.